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FAQ for Car Title Loans

What is a title loan? A solid beginning.

A title loan is where you can loan out the title of something that you own in exchange for its value in cash. Some people compare it to a pawn shop in the sense that youre handling something of value over in exchange for up-front money. But it differs in several ways:

  • You're not actually selling your car.
  • Your car stays without you throughout the duration of the loan.
  • You keep the keys and the cash.
  • You're only handing over the lien-free title on your car for the lender to hold as insurance that you'll pay off the title loan.
  • Title loans offer the security of a loan (but with the immediate cash results of a pawn shop scenario).

So what is a title loan to borrowers in need throughout California? It's safe, easy, and convenient way to get faster cash with zero stress. It's a way to maximize the untapped financial potential of your vehicle.

A title loan is an alternative way to use the value of your car to secure a fast loan whenever you need it most. Your car can do so much more than just get you where you need to go.

Using a car for a title loan is one of the most effective methods of title lending. Although the concept of a title loan could virtually apply to anything that you own with a title or deed, the most common use is with an auto title loan.

That's because a car is extremely valuable, but it's also easier to repay than if you used the title on your home. This makes it easier for the borrower to pay it off when the time comes. Your car is worth more money than you probably know. But just how much?

The value of your title loan depends on a variety of factors, including the make, model, estimated mileage, and year of your car. While a newer, fancier car model with fewer miles is of course going to be valued higher than an old Jeep with a broken odometer, you'd be shocked at how much money even that old Jeep could earn you.

Many Premium Loan borrowers have gone on to receive thousands of dollars for their run-down old sedans in as little as 24 hours time. While every title loan situation is different, it's not at all uncommon to see that much money in such little time.

What makes a title loan special?

It provides borrowers with cash more conveniently, safer, and faster than most forms of alternative loans. Plus there's less paperwork to complete and hoops to jump through, since we're only dealing with the loaned value of your car and not your full financial history.

Do I qualify for a title loan?

Most borrowers do. Odds are, you do too. If you own the title of your vehicle free-and-clear, are 18 years old or older, and live in California... you're practically qualified already.

Where/when do I start?

Right here. Today. We'll help you find the title loans that you're looking for, and continue to answer your questions.

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