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How do title loans work?

The answer is simpler than you might expect. You’re probably used to hearing a bunch of complex loan jargon with vague financial terms that no normal human being has ever heard of, much less understands. When a loan is too complicated for anyone but a financial genius to understand, there’s probably something wrong with it.

A straightforward loan is a loan that you can trust; because you fully understand how a title loan works. So let’s break it down:

A title loan works just like a basic loan; you give some form of collateral to a lender and they provide you with immediate funds in exchange. Once you’ve repaid the loaned funds, the collateral is returned to you.

So how do title loans work specifically? Pretty much just like that. You loan the lien-free equity on your vehicle to a trusted title loan provider near you in California. They give you the vehicle’s full value in cash. You then repay the title loan once you’re financially able to. Once that’s all squared away, you’re officially done. Just like that.

You loan the lien-free equity on your vehicle

We give the vehicle's full value in cash

Repay the loan once you are financially able to

What is a title loan?

Here are some facts that most title loan borrowers in California want to know the most about how a title loan works:

  • Most borrowers are instantly pre-approved on the spot.
  • No- you don't have to hand over the keys to your car, or give up possession at any point in time.
  • Yes- your car stays with you the entire time, and you're able to drive it as per usual.
  • No- it's not like selling your car. Although you're getting the value in cash, your car is still yours.
  • Yes- you have to pay it off by a certain point. But that date is flexible and allows for plenty of wiggle room.
  • No- a title loan is not like a payday loan. You're using the value of something that you already own.

By using the untapped potential that is the equity of your car, you're able to utilize the value of something that's sitting in your driveway. You can use the thing that gets you around for more than just mileage... you can use it to secure emergency funds whenever you need them, without having to sell.

Car title loans - convenient loans

The way title loans work is specifically designed to avoid inconveniencing the borrower. We know that you still need your car to get to work, pick up the kids, get groceries, and for those weekly joyrides. We also know that a car is the most valuable thing that Americans can own other than a home. But most importantly, we know the easiest, safest, and fastest way to get immediate cash is with a title loan.

Title loans are one of the most effective ways to utilize what you own and turn it into cash (without selling it). You could sell your old cd's and your stereo on Craigslist for a few quick bucks. Or you could secure a title loan online.

California title loans work so that you can keep your car while still getting the cash. Understanding how a title loan works is the first step in becoming a smarter borrower. The next step? Filling out the application and getting a title loan estimate.

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